Waste Disposal: What Is A Licensed Waste Carrier?

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Waste disposal is an important service for both homes and businesses. Looking after our environment is more important than ever, which is why there are certain restrictions in the UK for businesses. Here, we answer some commonly asked questions about the service.

So, what is a carrier license? A business that deals with rubbish is required to have a license to transport, buy, sell, or dispose of unwanted items. There are two tiers to the permit which are upper and lower. At R&C Skip Hire, we hold an upper-tier license. You can find out this information on the waste disposal carriers, brokers and dealers register.

What Are The Laws On Waste Disposal?

Licensed carriers have a duty of care for the environment when it comes to rubbish removal. A business can get a hefty fine if they transport, sell, or dispose of rubbish without a license. This helps to discourage fly-tipping, which is the illegal dumping of rubbish. When you go to a licensed carrier, you can be confident that they will take care of the unwanted items in a legal manner.

Business Waste

What Can Be Taken?

Make sure to let waste disposal collectors know what you intend to clear beforehand. At R&C Skip Hire, we can remove many items, including things such as furniture, certain appliances, demolition materials, rubbish from renovations and clearouts, and even garden matter.

What Happens To Waste Disposal?

When you employ waste disposal services, the carriers will ensure that all items and materials are taken care of. They will make sure that materials are recycled where possible to avoid unnecessarily sending more items to landfill. The rubbish will always be sorted and organised to try and salvage anything that can be repurposed.

Loading A Tipper Truck With Rubbish

Does A Business Need Rubbish Collection?

If you have a business, there is a legal responsibility that rubbish needs to be discarded without harming the environment. This is especially important for companies that produce a lot of unwanted materials, like on-site building contractors. You can ensure that these responsibilities are met by hiring a reliable collection company that adheres to the latest environmental standards.

Get In Touch With Us Today For Waste Disposal Services

We are available to collect both domestic and commercial waste from venues such as offices, shops, and factories. We are fully insured and licensed to transport materials safely. For more information on the services we offer, get in touch with our friendly team now.


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