What Happens To Waste Once It’s Been Collected?

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If you have had waste disposal services, do you know what happens to your rubbish? Whether you’ve had a skip, grab lorry or collection service, it’s good to ensure that your rubbish is being disposed of responsibly. After all, looking after our environment should be a priority for all.

Only entrust licenced waste carriers to collect your rubbish. Without this, the collectors could dump the items illegally and you could face fines.

So, what happens to your waste?

Sorting Through Materials

A skip and lorry can carry a mixture of materials ready for waste disposal. This will include plastics, metals, carboard, wood, and much more. Once your load is transported back to the centre, these materials will be sorted. Items will be separated in piles corresponding to what they’re made of. Stripping and breaking apart items is usually necessary to ensure there’s no contamination. They will go through screening processes to separate the materials. For example, smaller material can be sifted through to ensure that nothing else is present.

metal recycling

Waste Disposal: Recycling

Waste disposal service will ensure that materials are recycled wherever possible. Once items are separated by material, they can be sent to the relevant recycling centres. This is where they will go through the relevant process specific to the material. The finished product can then be sent to manufacturers to create new items.

Reducing Items Sent To Landfill

Sometimes it’s just not possible for items to be recycled or reused. Unfortunately, there are some items that will need to be disposed of. Our aim is to reduce the amount sent to landfill. Contaminated materials and non-recyclable items will still need to be disposed of in some way.

A big concern of the UK is the limited space we have for landfills and the negative impacts it has on the environment. Waste companies will aim to do everything they can to avoid adding to this, so we can protect our environment for longer.


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