How To Load A Skip

Skip Full Of Bricks

To get the most out of your skip hire, it’s important to load the container efficiently. This will ensure the most efficient use of your hire, whilst also keeping it safe to handle. It will reduce the chances of having to get another container if it is filled correctly. So, what’s the best way to load? Here are some of our tips.

Skip Hire: Correct Items Only

There are many items that can be disposed of through skip hire, it may be quicker to explain what isn’t allowed. Materials that aren’t accepted include plasterboard, electrical items like fridges and kettles, paint tins, tyres, medical waste, fuels, gas cylinders, and hazardous waste like asbestos. Ask our experts if you’re unsure.

Yellow Skip Hire
Large Skip

Lighter Objects At The Bottom

Dealing with your skip hire can be quite like a game of Tetris. The aim is to fill each space with various shaped objects which can be a challenge. Rather than carelessly loading items in any order, it’s good to take time to think over how you will fill the container.

We recommend starting with lighter, flatter items first, such as doors that can lay neatly on the bottom. This will help to create a base for the rest. You can then start to get the heavier objects in, and this will help to squish everything down. Make sure to break down larger items as much as possible as this will help them slot into the container. Smaller objects can then be fitted in between the gaps and every little space can be used.

Use A Wheelbarrow

Skip hire can be pretty tiresome if you’re loading by hand at home, especially as there are usually quite a lot of heavy items. Use a wheelbarrow to move waste to the container and this will help make the process easier.

Wheelbarrow carrying rubbish
Skip On Public Property

Keep It Level

When getting skip hire, it’s important to not overfill the container. If it is filled excessively with objects coming out over the top, it’s not safe and may not be collected. When we come to pick it up, it needs to be safe to drive. Driving with waste coming out over the top of a large container would be unsafe for our drivers, as well as other road users. Ensure you don’t fill over the walls to keep everyone safe.

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